Which Bursaries Are Open For 2025-2026?

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Which Bursaries Are Open For 2025-2026?

scholarship for 2025; Which Bursaries Are Open For 2025-2026

Are you looking for financial aid alternatives to help you with your academic path as the 2025–2026 academic year draws near? bursaries offer financial assistance and allow students to pursue their aspirations, bursaries play a role in helping students. We shall examine the numerous bursaries that are accepting applications for the forthcoming academic year in this article.

This thorough guide will assist you in navigating the bursaries available, whether you are a postgraduate or undergraduate student, and will increase your chances of obtaining the financial aid you require.

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What Are Bursaries?

Bursaries are grants or scholarships given to students to assist them in paying for their education. Bursaries, unlike loans, do not need repayment, making them a type of financial help that tries to decrease students’ financial burden. The awards are often based on a variety of factors, such as financial need, academic success, extracurricular engagement, or unique traits, such as membership in an underrepresented group.

Bursaries are aimed at helping students cover the costs of their education, such as tuition, textbooks, housing, and other related expenditures. Bursaries can be provided based on academic excellence, in which students with exceptional academic achievements are rewarded, or based on need, in which financial circumstances are the key concern. Bursaries may be sponsored by government agencies, educational institutions (universities, colleges, and vocational schools), or private organizations, foundations, and people. Bursaries may be funded by various sources, including government agencies, educational institutions (universities, colleges, vocational schools), or private organizations, foundations, and individuals.

Bursaries That Are Opened For 2025-2026

Many bursaries aim to encourage diversity and inclusion in education by offering financial assistance to students from underrepresented groups, such as minorities, women in STEM professions, people with disabilities, or those suffering financial difficulties. Some bursaries are specifically designed to assist students pursuing education in specific fields or sectors. There are bursaries available for students studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as scholarships available from industry-specific organizations. Some bursaries opened for the 2024-2025 are provided below;

  • Bursaries funded by the government

Governments across the globe are committed to promoting education by providing a variety of bursaries to qualified students. These might include a wide range of subjects, from science and technology to humanities and the arts. To remain up-to-date on the latest programs, keep a watch on government education portals and announcements.

  • Bursaries for Institutions

Many universities and colleges set aside money just for students enrolled in their programs. These institutional bursaries may be based on merit, need, or a mix of the two. For further information on possible bursaries and the application procedure, contact your preferred institution’s financial assistance office.

  • Industry-Related Bursaries

Certain businesses and corporations actively support education by awarding bursaries to students seeking jobs in their fields. Explore possibilities given by organizations invested in the development of future professionals in sectors ranging from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to the arts and business.

Bursaries for Nonprofits and Foundations

There are several charitable organizations and foundations committed to promoting education and encouraging students to attain their goals. These organizations frequently award bursaries based on academic excellence, financial necessity, and personal accomplishments.

  • Bursaries for Diversity and Inclusion

Many institutions and organizations provide bursaries to students from underrepresented backgrounds to promote diversity and inclusion. These projects strive to offer fair opportunities for everybody by breaking down barriers that may prevent some groups from accessing education.

  • International Scholarships

International bursaries may be game-changers for students contemplating studying abroad. Many governments and educational institutions provide financial assistance to overseas students, recognizing the importance of varied viewpoints in the global academic community.

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NSFAS Contact Information

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Bursary availability and requirements might vary greatly, therefore prospective students are urged to investigate and apply for suitable options to assist in funding their educational aspirations. Visit NSFAS Official website here. Hope the provided information is helpful, kindly share your thoughts below in the comment section.


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