NSFAS Online Application 2024-2025

NSFAS Online Application 2024-2025: The Ultimate Guide on How to Apply for NSFAS Application 2024 Online!

NSFAS Online Application 2024-2025: The NSFAS Applications for 2024

National Student Financial Aid (NSFAS) Online Application 2024-2025 Academic cycle will be available from 21st November 2023 to 31st January 2024. Prospective applicants who would like to submit NSFAS Online Application 2024 must go to www.nsfas.org.za online application portal (myNSFAS) before 2024 closing date.

Submitting the NSFAS online application form 2024 can seem like a daunting task, but with preparation and following the steps below, the process becomes straightforward. Remember, the key is to be thorough, ensure all details are accurate, and have all required documents ready. Your future awaits, and with NSFAS, you’re one step closer to making your educational dreams a reality.

How to Apply NSFAS Online Application Form 2024-2025

NSFAS online application form for 2024 is simple, easy and accurate. When applying online at www.nsfas.org.za, you’ll be prompted when information is missing or incorrect, helping you to make sure that you include all the necessary information when submitting your online application form.

Everyone wanting to start a new application process must follow the step-by-step below:

  1. Go to the NSFAS Application portal at www.nsfas.org.za 2024
  2. At the top right menu of the NSFAS homepage, click on the “myNSFAS” tab
  3. Then create a “myNSFAS Account” in order to continue the application
  4. Complete the sections on the screen by clicking on the “APPLY” tab
  5. Upload all the requested scanned copies of your supporting documents
  6. Click on “Submit” to forward your applications to NSFAS online for evaluation

You can as well go to your nearest National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) or Thusong Centre to apply by following the same steps if you don’t have a digital device or access to the internet.

All students must re-apply for funding as and when they move through the NSFAS funding progression pathway. This means that a university student who is being funded for a qualification that is a “Certificate” Qualification NSFAS Category must reapply for funding as and when they expect to achieve the “Certificate” qualification and would like NSFAS to provide funding for their “Undergraduate” qualification.

NSFAS Online Application Requirements 2024-2025

If you want to apply for NSFAS Funding 2024, you must qualify for the following:

  • Must have email and cell phone number.
  • Must be a South African citizen / permanent resident
  • SASSA recipients automatically qualify for financial eligibility
  • Your combined gross household income should not go beyond R350 000 per annum
  • The Combined gross household income (persons living with disabilities) should not exceed R600 000 per annum
  • Students who started studying before 2021 with a combined household income of not more than R122 000 per annum.

NSFAS Online Application 2024 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I Apply for NSFAS If I was Previously Funded?

Yes, you can apply for NSFAS funding. You will be required to apply during the application period. The next NSFAS Application period for 2024-2025 academics will be open soon. Please note that if you have been registered for NSFAS prior to 2018, your combined household income must not exceed R122 000 per annum. If you were registered in or after 2018 for the first time, your combined household income must not exceed R350 00 per annum.

  • Where is the nearest centre to Apply for NSFAS 2024?

Visit www.nsfas.org.za online application 2024 portal, click on myNSFAS tab, create NSFAS account and login with your ID number and password, click on the “Appy” tab, fill out the online application form for 2024 with your details, upload your supporting documents and submit your NSFAS 2024 application for review. OR, you can go to www.nsfas.org.za to find an application centre closest to you to apply for 2024

  • Why must adult applicant complete the NSFAS Declaration: Non-SASSA?

In terms of the South African legal framework, biological parents are primarily responsible for the student’s maintenance, which includes the provision of education, of their biological children (including those above the age of 18), irrespective of the relationship between parents or the relationship between parents and their children.

  • Can I apply for 2025 if I applied last year, and I was not approved for funding?

Yes, if you applied for NSFAS in 2024 or prior years and your application was not approved but you still need funding for 2025, you may apply again if they meet the funding criteria.

How can I Reset myNSFAS Login Details?

Follow the steps below to reset your myNSFAS login details:

  1. Go to : www.nsfas.org.za
  2. Click on ‘myNSFAS’
  3. Click on ‘forgot password’
  4. Type in your ID number
  5. Choose what you require help with: password or username or both
  6. Then click on‘submit’ .
  7. The username and the link to change your password will be sent via SMS and email
  8. Open the link and you will be redirected to the reset password page.
  9. Reset your password by following the prompts on your screen


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