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Insurance Quote RV

rv and car insurance bundle, Insurance Quote RV

Although there are several reasons why people acquire an RV, the main one is the enticement of travelling and saving money that would otherwise be spent on lodging and meals. Several insurance companies provide reasonably priced RV insurance for your peace of mind. Most states require you to carry the same liability insurance for your RV as you do for your vehicles. Depending on the state, your basic liability coverage may pay for your medical costs and any property damage you or the at-fault motorist sustain in an accident, up to the policy maximum. Class RV insurance quotes are shown below.

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What RV Insurance Covers

Obtain insurance for your camper, truck, van, or other mobile home to guard against common threats like fire, theft, storms, and crashes. Given that the properties covered can vary, what coverages are available?

  • unforeseen injury to another person or damage to property while driving your motorhome
  • oneself becoming hurt physically in an accident involving an uninsured driver
  • Damage from an accident to your motorhome
  • Vandalism, theft, fire, and other damages that may occur even when your RV is being stored
  • If your RV breaks down while you’re driving, emergency road service

What separates a recreational vehicle (RV) from a motorhome

The main difference between the two terms is that although not all RVs are motorhomes, most people still use them to refer to the same thing. Although towable campers and motorhomes are both classified as “RVs,” motorhomes are self-propelled and have most of the amenities of a house.

Which Types of Recreational Vehicles Are Covered by Motorhome Insurance?

Before Class A, B, and C RVs and motorhomes can be driven, insurance is normally necessary, and this includes:

  • Conventional Motor Homes: Class A
  • Professional Bus Conversions: Class A
  • Non-professional Bus Conversions: Class A
  • Camper Vans: Class B
  • Mini Motor Homes: Class C

Some types of “campers” don’t typically need insurance and those include:

  • Fifth Wheel Trailers
  • Conventional Trailers
  • Pop-Up Tent Trailers
  • Trailer with Recreational Cargo Quarters
  • Mounted Truck Campers

Cost Of RV Insurance 

Self-propelled RV generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Class A RV: Often constructed on a bus chassis, Class A RVs are the biggest and typically most opulent types of motorhomes, with purchasing prices reaching well over a million dollars. Based on 140 days of use, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) reports that the average cost of a Class A RV insurance policy is $1,000 to $1,300 annually.
  • Class B RV: Generally the smallest of the three classes, Class B RVs are constructed on van chassis. In recent years, these incredibly agile camper vans have grown in popularity. An annual premium for Class B RV insurance usually ranges from $300 to $1,000.
  • Class C RV: Slightly bigger than Class B but not as big as Class A, Class C RVs are a well-liked option for families who require extra room but still require a vehicle with good manoeuvrability. The typical annual premium for these RVs is between $600 and $1,000, based on NADA data.

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