Insurance Quote No License

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Insurance Quote No License

Car insurance quote no license, Insurance Quote No License

Are you a car owner without a license due to personal reasons but you still want to insure your car because you allow a second party to drive it? well, You can get car insurance with no license, but you might have to search further a bit before you find a company that will sell it to you. this is because many insurance companies won’t sell policies to unlicensed drivers because of how risky it is. research has been made by the writer to find out the company that provides a licence and quote to its customers below;

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Who Can I Shortlist As Primary Driver After Buying Car Insurance Without a License

the person you agree to drive the car on your behalf can be used as the primary driver? incase you are married your wife or children can be your preferred candidate to use, if you are not healthy enough, a caregiver who drives you to appointments or helps you run errands can be used as well.

Insurance Companies In The U.S Without License You Cant Insure Your Car

In the United States, by law it’s not mandatory to get insured without a driver’s license, some companies will even consider giving you a quote if you are an unlicensed driver, such as

  • Geico,
  • State Farm,
  • Progressive and
  • Allstate,

Insurance Companies In The U.S Without License You Can Insure Your Car

few insurance companies offer licenses to drivers without a license, including The

  • Hartford.

When should I Insure A Car I can’t Drive

in a situation where you have a car, you can’t drive but want an insurance policy, this may be due to;

  • you only possess a learner permit
  • it’s difficult for your family member to get insurance for his own
  • your car hardly moved or stayed parked all the time
  • you are not healthy enough to drive
  • you plan to sell your car soon

Ways To Get Car Insurance With No License

Even though it’s difficult to get car insurance without a license, there are some ways to go about it

  • call an independent insurance agent:
  • List another person as the primary driver:
  • Add a co-owner to your car’s registration:
  • Buy parked-car coverage:
  • List yourself as an excluded driver:

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