How Much Is A 6.6 kW Solar System In Australia

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How Much Is A 6.6 kW Solar System In Australia

how much will a 6.6kw solar system save me, How Much Is A 6.6 kW Solar System In Australia

There’s a good reason why using solar power to create electricity is growing in popularity. Your energy bills can be greatly reduced by installing solar panels, which in certain situations might even be enough to power your house or place of business entirely. One of the most common solar system sizes in Australia is 6.6kW, we’ll look at the cost of a 6.6kW solar system of this scale and unearth some other important details that will help you determine if a 6.6kW system is good for you.

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Cost Of 6.6KW Solar System In Australia

Generally, a high-quality 6.6kW solar system would set you back between $5,500 and $8,000. The pricing is influenced by numerous factors. Depending on your location, the solar subsidy for a 6.6kW system varies; also, prices may vary because certain areas, like Sydney, are more competitive than others. The grade of the solar panels you choose and the installer you choose will determine the majority of the cost.

The Price Of a 6.6kW Solar panel in major Australian cities is displayed in the table below:

Cities                                        Price

Adelaide                                     $6,462

Brisbane                                    $6,343

Melbourne                               $6,555

Perth                                         $6,270

Sydney                                     $6,330

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Comparison Between 5kW Solar System and 6.6KW Solar System

Due to panel efficiency losses and the fact that certain network distributors forbid the installation of inverters larger than 5kW, 6.6kW systems typically include a 5kW inverter. Thus, you are done having to spend extra for an inverter. Your rebate for the extra 1.6kW of solar panels is still yours. Installing a 6.6kW system is significantly less expensive than a 5kW system. You are only paying extra for the solar panels and a few minor installation fees in exchange for the increased system capacity.


A solar system in Australia will, on average, produce about four times its size every day. This indicates that a 6.6kW system will generate about 26.4kWh daily on average.

How Many Panels Make Up 6.66.6 kW

A typical 6.6kW installation consists of anywhere from 15 to 20 solar panels. Depending on the efficiency of the panels, a 6.6kW system requires a different number of panels. For instance, you will require fewer than 15 extremely efficient 440W panels, but 20 330W panels if you choose that option.

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