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Home Insurance Quote Ireland

Home insurance quote Ireland calculator, Home Insurance Quote Ireland

Securing your home and protecting your assets is a priority for homeowners in Ireland. When it comes to safeguarding your cherished property, having the right home insurance is paramount. It’s not only a smart move, but also a need to secure your home, a priceless residence in Ireland, in the unpredictable world of today. We recognise the significance of obtaining a reasonable cost for homeowners insurance. We have therefore been helping Irish nationals with the best quote for their house insurance. You can get the best quote in less than five minutes here.

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How Much An Irish Insurance Quote Costs

For as little as €160 or as much as €700 in insurance premiums annually, homeowners in Ireland can safeguard their possessions. A homeowner’s insurance policy in Ireland typically costs around €430 a year.

Reasons Why You Need Home Insurance In Ireland

The knowledge that your insurance provider will cover the expense of rebuilding your home in the case of an accident comes with owning home insurance. Banks also require you to acquire house insurance as part of the terms of your mortgage arrangement.

Items That Ireland’s Home Insurance Plans Cover

Our house insurance protects you against damages or losses to your structures and/or contents. The key information is summarised as follows:


Coverage for damage to your home caused by fire, theft, storms, flooding, and subsidence; insurance against loss or damages to your home’s structure, including garages and outbuildings.

  • Escape of water; coverage for damage resulting from water leaks in your plumbing or heating systems.
  • glass breakage; defence against inadvertent breakage of “fixed glass,” including ceramic cooktops, doors, and windows.
  • Contents loss or damage (in your house, garage, outbuildings, and gardens); coverage for events like fire, theft, storm, flood, and subsidence that harm your possessions.
  • Escape of water; coverage for harm brought on by water seeping out of heating or plumbing systems.
  • Contents in the open; coverage for harm brought on by water seeping out of heating or plumbing systems.
  • Food in freezers; cover the contents of your freezer in the event of the freezer breaking down.


Your public liability protects family members if you are found legally responsible for harming a member of the public or their property. Accidents involving household members or employees are not covered.

  • Liability as occupier of the premises; if anyone living there is prosecuted for any harm they cause while on the property.
  • Liability to domestic employees; if you are held accountable for a loss or harm as the employer of a domestic worker, such as a cleaner.

How to Get Online Home Insurance

Simply fill out our online quote form with some basic information about your property, belongings, and yourself. Your selected company will then use this information to generate a quote that you can quickly buy online.

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