Home Insurance Quote In Ireland

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Home Insurance Quote In Ireland

Cheapest home insurance quotes in Ireland, Home Insurance Quote In Ireland

In today’s uncertain world, protecting your home, a precious home in Ireland, is not just a wise decision, but also a need. We are aware of how important it is to get a fair price on house insurance. That’s the reason we’ve been assisting Irish citizens to obtain quotes for their home insurance. In two minutes, we can provide you with an initial online quote, and in five minutes, you can obtain the policy.

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How Much Does Insurance Quote In Ireland Cost

In Ireland, homeowners can protect their assets for as little as €160 and as much as €700 a year in insurance payments. In Ireland, the average annual premium for homeowners insurance is about €430.

Reasons Why You Need Home Insurance In Ireland

Having home insurance provides you with the assurance that your insurance company will pay for the costs of reconstructing your house in the event of an accident. Furthermore, as a condition of your mortgage agreement, banks mandate that you have house insurance.

Things Home Insurance In Ireland Cover

You are covered against loss or damage to your buildings and/or contents by our house insurance. Below is an overview of the most important data:


Insurance against loss or harm to your home’s structure, including garages and outbuildings; covers damage to your house from things like fire, theft, storms, flooding, and subsidence.

  • Escape of water; coverage for harm brought on by water seeping out of your heating or plumbing systems.
  • Breakage of glass; protection against unintentional shattering of “fixed glass,” such as windows, doors, and ceramic cooktops.
  • Loss or damage to your contents (in your home, garages, outbuildings and gardens); cover for damage to your belongings caused by events such as; fire, theft, storm, flood and subsidence.
  • Escape of water; coverage for harm brought on by water seeping out of heating or plumbing systems.
  • Contents in the open; coverage for harm brought on by water seeping out of heating or plumbing systems.
  • Food in freezers; cover the contents of your freezer in the event of the freezer breaking down.


Your liability to the public; offers protection to family members if you are held legally accountable for harm done to a member of the public or their property. Injury to employees or members of the household is not covered.

  • Liability as occupier of the premises; if household members are held legally accountable for injuries sustained on the property.
  • Liability to domestic employees; as the employer of a domestic employee such as a cleaner in the event of you being liable for a loss or injury.

How To Obtain House Insurance Online

Just provide us with some basic details about your property, possessions, and yourself while completing our online quote form. With this data, your chosen business will then provide you with a quote that you can instantly purchase online.

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