Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Ontario

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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Ontario

car insurance ontario, Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Ontario

In Ontario, it is legally mandated for car owners to obtain auto insurance. In the event of personal damage or vehicle damage, auto insurance helps to guarantee your financial safety as well as that of your car. Drivers in Ontario always deal with their insurance carrier, regardless of who is at blame in an accident, as the state has a no-fault insurance system.

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How Much Does Ontario’s Average Cost Of Car Insurance Cost?

The highest average premium for auto insurance among all provinces with private insurance was $1,662 per year or $139 per month for drivers in Ontario, according to the General Insurance Statistical Agency. As of June 2023, the Financial Services Regulatory Association of Ontario projects that the average premium for auto insurance in Ontario will be $1,737 per year, or $144.75 per month. The average premium for auto insurance in Ontario is $1,744 per year, or $145 per month, according to statistics from the RATESDOTCA Auto Insuramap as of early 2023.

How to Submit an Ontario Auto Insurance Claim

It is best to make a vehicle insurance claim as soon as feasible. If you do not file your claim within the allotted week, it may be refused.

In Ontario, make sure to provide as many of the following details as you can when filing an auto insurance claim:

  1. Your auto insurance policy number
  2. Your licence number
  3. Your vehicle information, such as make, model and year
  4. A description of the event
  5. A description of the damage or injury, including photos if possible
  6. A list of the passengers present at the time of the incident
  7. A list of drivers involved, along with their licence numbers and insurance providers
  8. The badge number of the police officer if one is called to the scene

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