Artificial Grass Turf Installation

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Artificial Grass Turf Installation

Artificial grass turf installation near me, Artificial Grass Turf Installation

It’s never been simpler to maintain your artificial turf garden! Remind yourself not to mow, fertilise, or water your lawn excessively to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was installed. Most significantly, maintaining artificial grass is quick, easy, and efficient. Naturally, pet owners will need to give their artificial grass more maintenance than owners of properties with less foot traffic, but with these four easy steps, maintaining your artificial turf will be the easiest thing you can do to keep your lawn looking fantastic.

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Steps To Install Artificial Grass

to have a successful installation you have to use these steps;

  • Take Out the Grass

Take out the top four inches of your current base and lawn, then dispose of it by local laws. Soil piles up quickly, therefore we recommend having a dump trailer onsite.

  • Add Base

Next, cover the area where you will be laying your grass with an even layer of three inches of class two road base. We can build a flat platform with adequate drainage with the use of a road base.

To prepare the ground for the material to be laid, lightly moisten it and then run a compactor over it.

To stop weeds and pests from growing through your newly planted lawn, you might want to add gopher wire and weed barrier, depending on the size of your yard. If you have pets, it is NOT advised to use weed barriers.

  • Lay Tuff

The part that we’ve all been waiting for comes next. It’s time to establish your new territory!

Take care not to allow your magnificent new grass to slide across your just-prepared base when you roll it out. For the grass to swell, we advise leaving it in the sun for 30 to 60 minutes. Verify that the stitch patterns and blades are facing the same direction. A bad-looking lawn would arise from ignoring this.

The turf can be stretched and moved into position using a carpet kicker.

  • Cut To Fit

Next, trim your new lawn to match the irregular shape of your yard with a box cutter. To assist with finishing touches, leave a quarter to half an inch of turf over the border.

Next, use glue and seam tape to seal the seams. To create a spotless, organic-looking yard, the seams must be properly fitted together. Ensure that the spacing between stitch rows matches and that each piece of turf has blades orientated in the same direction.

Position the seam tape’s red line exactly in the middle of the seam. Next, use the glue on both sides of the red line to form a “S” pattern. After positioning the turf, let the glue solidify.

  • Secure the perimeter

To secure your turf to its three-inch foundation, insert 40-D 5-inch non-galvanized turf nails every six inches after tucking in the border with a putty knife and hammer.

To strengthen these locations, we also advise putting a few nails along the seams. Before adding infill, use a power or push broom to straighten the blades on the lawn. As a result, the blade memory will become more vertical.

  • Spread Infill

The filler needs to be spread next! The look, feel, and longevity of your lawn will all be directly impacted by the proper amount of infill added. To evenly distribute the recommended amount of infill, use a drop spreader.

  • Brush Infill

After the infill is installed, brush the turf using a push or power broom. This will make the blades stand straight and give the impression that the grass has just been mowed on your new lawn. Finally, give the grass a final rinse to remove any last bits of dust.

  • Enjoy Your Lawn

All that’s left to do is unwind and enjoy your freshly installed turf after washing your lawn and packing up your tools! Never again will you need to worry about waking up early to mow. The only upkeep required is a few times a year of lawn brushing.

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How To Maintain Artificial Grass Turf

  • Clean Up Debris

Debris-like leaves and branches seriously jeopardise your artificial turf’s safety in addition to compromising its looks. Reduce the number of trips and falls on your lawn by removing any debris as soon as you discover it.

  • Use Little Water To Clean It

Even though artificial grass doesn’t require daily irrigation, a small amount of watering won’t harm it either. With artificial grass, you can adhere to any stringent drought restrictions while using water to keep it clean.

  • Maintenance for Your Furry Companions

Let us assuage your concerns if you’re concerned about how pet excrement will impact your synthetic turf. Cleaning up solid waste from pet turf is much simpler when done on artificial grass than it is on natural grass.

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Artificial grass turf installation is a transformative process that elevates your outdoor space with lush greenery and hassle-free maintenance. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and durable artificial lawn that enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your property for years to come. Make the switch to artificial grass and create a landscape that stands the test of time.

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